Frequently Asked Questions


Are your Sample Packs Royalty-Free?

YES! Most of our products are royalty-free, but not all of them. Please read carefully the description of each products!



When I buy a Sample Pack from, what exactly am I paying for?

When you buy a Sample Pack from us, the price includes a license to use the samples/loops in your music releases, royalty-free. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. However, if you ever need to get clearance on a loop or sample and you don't have your receipt then we will be happy to provide you with a copy, or if you like, we'll contact the relevant manufacturer to confirm that you bought the product legitimately.


How do I place an order?


It couldn't be easier. Simply find a product you want to order, click Add to Cart, then click Checkout. Pay for your product(s) and we will email your download link(s). Click on the download link to download the product from our server, which has been optimized for fast downloading. Once you've completed the download process you're ready to start making music using your new loops and samples. If you have any questions about ordering products from then please contact our support team. We're open 365 days a year.


What payment methods do you accept?


We accept all major Credit Card and Debit Cards and PayPal.


My ZIP file is coming up as corrupted when I try to extract it. What do I do?

Occasionally, if a ZIP file has been created on a MAC, then PCs may not be able to open it through Windows XP or Vista and you may receive an error message. However, in this situation, we recommend that you download WinRar from - Once you have installed it, simply navigate to the ZIP file and right click on it, then select the option to "Repair Archive". This will normally fix all errors. However, if you still get an issue then please contact us for support. We aim to remedy all errors within 1 working day.


I am trying to download my product using a download manager and it won't work!

Please do not use download managers to download your purchases. Simply click the link in your browser and you won't get any problems. We do not support download managers, so please do not ask for support if you decide to use them.


Repairing a "Corrupt" Archive in WinRAR:


1.) Download the Free Version of WinRAR


2.) Install WinRAR onto your computer.


3.) Open WinRAR then navigate to the ZIP file, right-click on the file then select "Repair Archive"


4.) This will create a new "repaired" Archive.


5.) Simply extract this new archive and you will find the errors have been fixed.


Other Issues with Mac Archives:


Many of our manufacturers develop their products using Macintosh computers as this is the primary platform used to create professional music, so you should be aware that Mac generated archives also contain small Mac "image" files. These are tiny 1kb files that are created automatically when compressing .ZIP files on the Macintosh.


You may find that if you have a file called "drumloops.wav" that another file called "._drumloops" appears next to it in the folder's contents. It is fairly obviously that these files aren't loops or samples, but we mention this in case you have any concerns.


Mac image files are only viewable on the Mac and they can not be viewed or used on the PC. If you are a PC user then we recommend you delete these files from your computer.


I have not received my download links. What's going on?

If you haven't received your download links the first thing to do is to check your SPAM folder in case your email service provider has delivered it there. If you cannot find your download link in the SPAM folder, then please check your "order status" which you can find in the order confirmation email. If the order status is "Queued" this means your order has been queued for manual processing. This occurs when your order fails to pass all of our security checks. This is nothing to be majorly concerned by as all genuine orders will be satisfied. Our security checks are put in place to prevent fraud, so we can continue to operate effectively. Generally, queued orders are manually processed and emailed by one of our staff members every 4-12 hours, depending on the time of day you order. If you order between 10PM and 9AM GMT and your order is queued then you will receive your download links  at 9AM GMT. If you are from the USA or Canada then you should be aware that the UK is 6-8 hours ahead of your time, so email and telephone contact at night (our time) will not be responded to. We will however deal with your issues first thing in the morning. If this has not answered your question then please contact us.