How to make Afro House like Black Coffee, Alex Wann

How to make Afro House

Do you enjoy the catchy rhythms and grooves of Afro House music? Do you want to make music that sounds like something like Black Coffee or Alex Wann? You're in luck, though! We'll walk you through the process of creating your very own Afro House tune in this lesson. We can help you whether you're using Ableton or FL Studio. Now let's get started!

Comprehending Afro House

0. Download Afro House Sample Pack 

1. The spirit of Afro House must be understood before we delve into the specifics. This genre is defined by the combination of electronic music components with African rhythms, Conga, percussions, and afro house vocals. Traditional African instruments and chants are frequently incorporated into the sound of Afro House, creating a distinctive and lively musical experience.

2. Configuring a DAW

The first step is to launch a new project in FL Studio or Ableton and set the pace to approximately 120–128 BPM. This spectrum of tempos enables the upbeat vibe that is fundamental to Afro House music. After the tempo has been established, open a blank MIDI channel and insert your preferred Afro House sounds.

3. Composing the Melodies and Chords

The upbeat and memorable chord progressions of Afro House are well-known. Start by choosing an instrument, such as a synth with an Afro House sound library, Afro House Loops a kalimba, or a marimba,afro house piano that can produce warm, rich tones. Try out several chord progressions, focusing on the use of African-flavored major and minor chords. To keep things fresh, don't be afraid to introduce variations and inversions.

4. Including the Beats

An essential component that gives Afro House its catchy groove is the drum pattern. Make a kick drum pattern first, emphasizing the first and third beats of each bar. On beats two and four, add a snare or clap to this to produce a traditional Afro House groove. Incorporate shakers, hi-hats, and more percussion components into your music to improve the flow and add more vigor.

5. Including African Components

Consider using vocal samples or chants from Africa to give your Afro House music a unique African feel. Afro House sample packs including real African vocals and chants are widely accessible on the internet. You can use these samples as stand-alone components or work creatively to make them fit into your song.

6. Putting Together and Blending

It's time to arrange your track after you've composed your chord progressions, melodies, and drum patterns. To keep the energy flowing, try different breakdowns, builds, and drops. To provide tension and release, don't forget to include transitions like impacts and risers.

Keep an eye on the mix while you arrange your track. Make sure every element has room to grow and doesn't interfere with other elements by using EQ. To give the mix depth and room, incorporate effects like delay and reverb. Finally, add some compression to your mix to give your song a well-balanced, polished sound.

7. Utilizing MIDI Packs (Afro House MIDI)

To speed up your production process and gain inspiration, try using Afro House MIDI packs. These packs contain pre-made MIDI patterns that you can drag and drop into your project, allowing you to experiment with different melodic and rhythmic ideas. This will help you to develop your own unique Afro House sound.
In conclusion, creating Afro House music like Alex Wann and Black Coffee requires a blend of catchy chord progressions and vibrant African rhythms. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, and utilizing the wide range of resources available such as sample packs and MIDI packs,Presets  you'll be well on your way to making your own Afro House tracks. So, go ahead, let your creativity flow, and watch as your Afro House productions captivate listeners and move dancefloors.


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