How to make Slap House

How to make Slap House

Like Vize, Alok, Tiesto


Slap house has taken the electronic dance music world by storm and has become a favorite of many big-name DJs, such as Vize, Tiesto, and Alok. If you want to make slap house like these DJs, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Find the Right Samples The first step in making slap house like Vize, Tiesto, or Alok is to find the right samples. You can use sample packs that include slap house sounds or create your own using plugins like Serum or Sylenth1. Look for samples that have a deep bassline, catchy vocal hooks, and a driving beat.

Check Slap House Sample Packs:

Step 2:

Start with the Beat The next step is to create the beat. Slap house usually has a tempo of around 125-130 BPM. Start by creating a simple four-on-the-floor kick pattern, and then add the snare and hi-hat. Experiment with different drum sounds until you find something that works well with your track.

Step 3:

Add the Bassline The bassline is a crucial element in slap house, and it is what drives the track forward. Use a deep, rolling bass that fits with the beat and adds to the overall groove of the track. You can use a plugin like Serum to create the bassline or use a sample from a sample pack.

Step 4:

Add Melodic Elements Once you have your beat and bassline, it's time to add melodic elements to your track. This can include synths, pianos, or any other instrument that you want to use. Experiment with different sounds and melodies until you find something that works well with your track.

Step 5:

Add the Vocal Hook The vocal hook is usually a catchy, repetitive phrase that is the centerpiece of the track. Look for vocal samples that fit with the overall vibe of your track or record your own vocals. Make sure that the vocal hook fits with the beat and adds to the overall vibe of the track.

Step 6:

Mix and Master Your Track After you have all of your elements in place, it's time to mix and master your track. This is the process of balancing the levels of each element in your track and adding effects to make it sound polished and professional. You can use EQ, compression, reverb, and other effects to achieve the sound that you want.

Step 7:

Arrangement and Final Touches Once you have mixed and mastered your track, it's time to arrange it. Look for the right buildup and drop sections, and create a breakdown section that works well with your track. Add final touches such as sound effects, risers, and other elements that will make your track stand out.

In conclusion, making slap house like Vize, Tiesto, or Alok involves finding the right samples, creating the beat, adding the bassline and melodic elements, adding the vocal hook, mixing and mastering your track, and adding final touches. With practice and experimentation, you can create your own unique slap house tracks that stand out in the competitive world of music production.



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