How to make Slap House

How to make Slap House Like Vize, Alok, Tiesto

Slap house has become a huge hit in the world of electronic dance music and is now a favorite of many well-known DJs, including Alok, Tiesto, and Vize. To create slap house music like these DJs, take the following actions:

First step:

Locate the Appropriate Examples Finding the right samples is the first step in creating a slap house track like Vize, Tiesto, or Alok. Sample packs containing slap house sounds are available, or you can use plugins such as Serum or Sylenth1 to make your own.

Check Slap House Sample Packs:

Step 2:

Let the music play first Making the beat is the next step. The typical tempo of slap house is between 125 and 130 BPM. First, make a basic four-on-the-floor kick pattern; after that, add the hi-hat and snare. Try out various drum sounds until you discover one that fits in nicely with your track.

Add the bassline in Step 3 Slap house music relies heavily on its bassline, which propels the song along. Employ a deep, rolling bass that enhances the track's overall groove and fits with the beat. For the bassline, you can either use a sample from a sample pack or a plugin like Serum.

Add melodic elements in step four. Once your track has a beat and bassline, it's time to incorporate some melodic elements. Synths, pianos, and any other instrument you choose to use can be included in this. Try out various melodies and sounds until you discover one that complements your track.

Add the vocal hook in step five. Usually a catchy, repeating phrase, the vocal hook serves as the focal point of the song. Either record your own vocals or find vocal samples that complement the overall vibe of your song. Make sure the vocal hook complements the beat and the track's overall vibe. 


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