How to make Techno

How to make Techno

Techno has been a popular genre of electronic dance music for decades and continues to evolve with new artists like Space 92, HI-LO, and Umek,Adam Beyer pushing the boundaries of the genre. If you want to make techno like these artists, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Choose the Right Sounds The first step in making techno like Space 92, HI-LO, or Umek is to choose the right sounds. Look for techno samples or plugins that have a driving, hypnotic sound. Other sounds to look for include drum hits, percussion samples, synth stabs, and basslines.

Step 2:

Create the Beat The beat is the backbone of techno. Start by creating a simple, four-on-the-floor kick pattern, and then add the snare and hi-hat. Use percussion samples to add texture and interest to the beat. Use a plugin like Battery or Ableton Live's Drum Rack to create your drum sounds.

Step 3:

Add the Bassline The bassline is what drives the track forward and adds depth to the sound. Use a deep, rolling bass that fits with the beat and adds to the overall groove of the track. You can use a plugin like Massive or Serum to create the bassline or use a sample from a sample pack.

Step 4:

Add Melodic Elements Once you have your beat and bassline, it's time to add melodic elements to your track. This can include synths, stabs, or any other instrument that you want to use. Experiment with different sounds and melodies until you find something that works well with your track.

Step 5:

Arrange the Track Once you have all of your elements in place, it's time to arrange your track. Look for the right buildup and drop sections, and create a breakdown section that works well with your track. Use automation to add interest and movement to your track.

Step 6:

Mix and Master Your Track After you have arranged your track, it's time to mix and master it. This is the process of balancing the levels of each element in your track and adding effects to make it sound polished and professional. You can use EQ, compression, reverb, and other effects to achieve the sound that you want.
Techno Sample Packs In addition to using plugins and synthesizers to create your techno sounds, you can also use sample packs to add depth and variety to your tracks. Here are some popular techno sample packs:

1. Brejcha Techno
2. Power of Techno
5. Techno Lovers

In conclusion, making techno like Space 92, HI-LO, or Umek involves choosing the right sounds, creating the beat and bassline, adding melodic elements, arranging the track, and mixing and mastering your track. By using the right sounds and tools, such as sample packs, you can create your own unique techno tracks that stand out in the competitive world of music production.


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